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Torn jeans as Top Fashion

0 Comments 24 September 2010

It’s funny how the most peculiar forms of clothing are now considered Top Fashion. With the rise of extraordinary clothes we tend to move away from traditional clothing such that style has now become more androgynous, eccentric, deviant, and creative. In a way, it can be considered a breakthrough in the evolution of Top Fashion making it more tangible to the common person. Now we see more and more people become conscious of what they wear, how they wear, who’s wearing it and how to get that certain look. That is why we have discovered a new emerging trend that is making its own name in Top Fashion and that is the torn jeans.

Through time, we’ve seen various rock stars and pop icons make a huge impact on the fashion industry as they influence a large amount of the masses by simply wearing what they wear. This is the same effect that transpired as Katy Perry wore that torn pair of jeans in her California Girls video. Because pop idols sell by means of wearing, the world has then commenced to finding that perfect pair of torn jeans. Top Fashion is has now become more of a pop culture in the day to day scene.

However, as the torn jeans article has made it to Top Fashion, let us see how it lives up to the standard of style and design. A pair of torn jeans can be worn in so many ways and that is what its main feature really is. In a more formal event you can pair it with a dressy top that can bring both rugged and formal, the best of both worlds into one outfit. When you choose to dress it down you can simply wear a tank top with it. It may seem odd but this new trend seems like it is here to stay for quite some time.

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