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Trend Report: Add Tangerine Orange to Your Wardrobe this Spring

0 Comments 01 May 2012

Everybody would like their spring wardrobe to be that looks stylish and up to date, and at the same time good. An easy way to do this is to adopt the color that has become the latest craze and for the year 2012, that color is tangerine orange. This isn’t the ordinary orange shade but rather one that has a red tinge to it that makes it look alive. However it isn’t a color that may be very easy for everyone to carry off so there are a few tips for those that want to make the most of tangerine orange:

In the spring season, one must have classic is a good pair of white jeans. Wear your trusty friend with a shirt that is tangerine orange and end the outfit with a flourish by adding pastel colored sandals that are made of leather.

Get a new handbag! Black may be the all-time favorite classic but put that away for this year and instead opt for the vibrant and ever beautiful tangerine orange bag. Doesn’t matter if it’s a tote bag or a satchel or a purse; just go for it!

Get some new khakis and no, they shouldn’t be khaki in color. Get something with a hint of tangerine orange so that your whole look comes alive and makes your aura bright.

Top everything off with a funky sheath and let the print be floral. Of course the floral should have tangerine orange shades in it!

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