Trending Fashions Makes Playing Bingo Even More Exciting

0 Comments 31 May 2012

Do you like to ‘look good’ while playing online bingo with friends?

Maybe you like to get all snazzy in some eye-catching outfit before heading out to your local bingo hall?

Well, if you fit into either of those categories, then you’ll be pleased to know that today’s trendy fashion styles have found their niche in what is now, a new-age, bingo-playing population that features people from all walks of life.

No longer is the beloved game of bingo just for grandmas anymore. If you doubt what I am saying just ask the people from, a major portion of today’s ‘modernized’ bingo players are of the younger persuasion (mostly female) – and they bring their new-age fashion styles into the game right along with them.

A whopping 36 percent of women that play online games are now between the ages of 18-34 with another 20 percent being between the ages of 35-44 and 21 percent being between the ages of 45-54. So you see, there’s plenty of room for ‘fashionistas’ in the ever-growing world of bingo, both online and at your local bingo hall.

As a matter of fact, in the UK and Canada, there are numerous bingo ‘clubs’ that offer bingo ‘dress-up nights’ centered around myriad themes and many of these same clubs also have ‘bingo movies’ which show the players, both new and old, all about the different aspects of playing bingo.

As today’s younger generation continues to immerse itself in the game of bingo, devoted bingo players, particularly those that play in local bingo halls, will continue to see the growth of fashion in the bingo gaming industry as more and more young men and women turn toward the harmless, but fast-paced social-building game.

I mean really, you know fashion has invaded the world of bingo when mega-lingerie maker Victoria’s Secret has its own version of Fashion Show Bingo.

Just last year, House of Holland’s Henry Holland held a bingo-inspired fashion show that was inspired by who of all people?

His grand mum!

By the way, there’s even a game out that people play called ‘fashion bingo’ or ‘fashion crime bingo’ in which friends gather at a local place where plenty of people are and the can fill out their cards on just which fashion ‘offenders’ fit in their appropriate boxes, (i.e., guy with slacks and no dress belt).

Whether you play online bingo or prefer to go out to play bingo at the local bingo hall, fashion has clearly made its way into the once, senior-dominated game.

Of course, with a multitude of notable celebrities that have long loved the game of bingo, their influence on the increase of bingo fashion styles may have had their own effect on the game.

Famed actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Russell Crowe highlight the list of celebs that love their bingo and may have had something to do with bingo players dressing more stylishly (though no one’s dressing like Crowe) while singers Mick Jagger and Robbie Williams are also serious bingo players with worldwide followings.

So remember, whether you’re taking the laptop to a friend’s house for some group online bingo or jaunting over to your local bingo hall, you may want to take notice of what you’re wearing if you want to impress your now, fashion-conscious bingo-playing buddies!

Credit: Eric Williams

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