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Tuxedo Jacket for Fall

0 Comments 26 August 2010

Much as we’ll hate to say goodbye to the sexy sandals, a lot of us are looking forward to great fall fashion style. While you may already have a cropped, boy-style blazer and plenty of snuggly cardigans, you should consider adding a tuxedo jacket to your wardrobe. A black tuxedo jacket with a satin lapel , like this one from Victoria’s Secret, goes well beyond being a fashion trend and does things that your other jackets can’t.

Tuxedo jackets are cut a little longer in the body and in the sleeves, and the satin trim adds another level of sophistication to your outfit. And you can wear them with a multitude of other items, including dresses both short and long, skinny black pants, relaxed-fit trousers, and even distressed jeans.

Many fashion designers have made tuxedo jackets, but we have the late, great Yves Saint Laurent to thank for inventing it: his iconic “Le Smoking” tuxedo jacket is over 40 years old! But the look is just as great a fashion trend now as it ever was, with its menswear influences and defined (but not huge) shoulders. If you find a great tuxedo jacket, don’t be averse to spending just a little extra and getting it altered so that the sleeves fit, and consider having the waist nipped in a bit if it looks too boxy. The tuxedo jacket is an investment in your fashion style that will pay off for many seasons to come.

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