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Use Less Energy and Reduce the Heat

0 Comments 25 April 2013

The warm months of the year are just around the corner and you know what that means – high electricity bills. In order to keep the family cool that means crank up the air conditioning and just wait to suffer when the bill comes each month, right? Wrong. There are a few things one can do in their house in order to stay cool and not spend a fortune with the electricity company each month of the spring and summer, or even fall when it is warmer than normal. One of those cost reducing items is to install at least one ceiling fan in the house and keep it on as much as possible to circulate the air and keep the rooms cool.

Install Fans in the High Traffic Areas

The best way to keep everyone cool is to install a fan where everyone spends the most time. Chances are, this will be the living room. The fan will continuously move the air around and if people are sitting and reading the newspaper, watching the TV or even just relaxing, they won’t need the air down low to keep them feeling cool. The movement of the air is enough to keep them feeling comfortable where they are. Other places where it is a good idea to install a ceiling fan include the bedrooms. People don’t need to be kept as cool when they sleep and exert little energy, so a fan breeze is often enough to keep each room comfortable. The kitchen could also be another good location for a ceiling fan if there is room for it to sit over the kitchen table or the center of the room.

Designer Looks

The days of having to get a white fan or an all brown fan with bronze hardware are all over. You can get contemporary ceiling fans that match the look of your house that keep the same style throughout. The choices for the fan blades include different shapes such as palm leaves and even symmetrical shapes. Fans can also come in a wide range of materials, such as metals and woods in every color possible. The fans could include lighting if you desire to have that option with it.

Where the Air Circulates the Most

For the households that can only choose one place to set up a ceiling fan, then choose the spot where air can circulate and reach the largest floor space. The best example would be to choose a center room n the house if it is an open floor plan. The room might not be the most use, but if there aren’t walls to act as barriers, the air can reach the rooms on every side of it. This way, the fan’s reach is maximized and the whole house gets the most benefit possible. When the fan circulates the cooler air in the house, the air conditioning unit won’t have to work as hard producing more cold air. The house can stay at a more consistent level all the time. The fans might even make such a difference that you can turn the thermostat up a few degrees and save even more.

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