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Victoria Beckham‘s Style – Love it or Hate it?

3 Comments 03 May 2010

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Victoria Beckham really knows how to bring herself, and look absolutely stunning among the crowd. From an ex-Spice girl star, to a wife, a mother and now a fashion designer, I definitely like this fine lady. We may have different opinions about how she dresses up but for me, she definitely inspires! Every style that she brings, whether old or new, is followed and admired. I definitely love the dresses that she designs and uses, which are her trademark. The dresses look very simple and elegant every time. She usually picks colors like black and grey, going for a classic look but also experiments with pink, yellow, purple and other bright colors. Whoever said, if you got the body, flaunt it, she definitely listened to you. She always wears her clothes tightly, showing off her skinny arms and legs and slim figure. I do love her because she looks very poise, confident and feminine. Plus her killer heels and accessories combined never fail to impress me! It’s like walking everyday on a runway.  I would really love to raid her closet. Even the first lady likes her classic dresses!

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Photo from fOTOGLIF

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Photo from fOTOGLIF

What do you think about her style? Do you love it or hate it?

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  1. Petite Style says:

    Yes, she certainly knows how to play up the dramatic. I love her in every one of the looks above but my favourite is of her in the flared skirt which is an unusual look for her as she tends to go for narrow silhouettes; she looks so grownup and glamorous.

  2. Shalilah(Doris) says:

    I love Victoria’s style. I’m a longtime fan of hers.

  3. kenya says:

    maybe she could try smiling and keeping the busy prints to a minimum. simple seems to work best for her.

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