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Victoria Beckham’s New Hairstyle

0 Comments 28 June 2010

Victoria Beckham can create celebrity fashion trends simply by stepping out of a limo, and once again, she’s causing stylist’s scissors to start warming up from coast to coast as celebrities and stylish women everywhere rave over the new “bed head bob.”

Beckham debuted the new style at a recent LG Fashion Touch party. Stylist Ken Paves summed up his design approach: “I decided the hair needed to be clean, simple with some slight texture to seem effortless, just like the clothes!”

Amen to that! Summer hair should be imperfect, toussled as if you have far better things to do than wield styling tools, and it should have a sense of fun. The multiple layers, with slight waves are a delightful change from Beckham’s more “done” looks over the past few seasons. Most people think of celebrity clothing when they think of Victoria Beckham, but she may have women everywhere asking their hair stylists for “the Victoria” pretty soon!

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