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Travel Quilt Carry all, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

I am moving. Packing up all my couture and heading to Sin City is the exact opposite of my personality. I am not very spontaneous. I like to plan everything out so I know the result. The only thing I have control over right now is choosing what bag to hold all my possessions. I only have one small duffel bag and with a closet holding 20 handbags and 50 or more pairs of shoes, I’d say I am going to need some more bags. So I jumped online, the only place to shop in your pj’s, and began searching for cute bags to follow me on my new journey. Here are my favorite travel bag finds:

Triple Five Soul Weekender Bag at 80

The patches on this bag make it look like it belongs to a girl scout who grew up.

Quilted Carry All Bag from

This pleather beauty is the perfect Chanel look-alike and will have all my clothes traveling in style.

Check out these great bags if you find yourself traveling across the country or even if you are just staying overnight. You wouldn’t want to be caught with a smelly old gym so go out and get yourself a chic carry all.

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