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VMA Fashion Report

0 Comments 08 June 2010

The big news on the Red Carpet outside Sunday night’s MTV Video Movie Awards was legs! Whether it was the warm weather, or just the relative fashion freedom of MTV’s red carpet compared to the more formal, old school red carpets like the Academy Awards’, there were lots of legs on display Sunday evening. In keeping with the VMA’s younger, more carefree vibe, stars like Katy Perry, Kristin Stewart, and Scarlett Johansson looked fantastic in their short dresses. Here’s a rundown of some of the best.

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Scarlett Johansson wore a D&G frock made of green lace over a black underlay. I never would have guessed just how lovely it looked on her. The strapless sweetheart neckline and the thin black belt at the waist were perfect for the occasion, as was her (blonde again!) hair worn loose. She might have glammed up the footwear a tad, but the sexy plain black pumps she wore did not detract from her look.

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Some fashion critics may disagree, but Lindsay Lohan made the most of the fashion constraints forced on her by Judge Marsha Revel: her SCRAM ankle bracelet. Rather than blinging out the device (which could have gotten her into big trouble), Lohan took this sartorial lemon and made lemonade, wearing a very low-cut sparkling pantsuit with flowing wide legs to hide it. With her hair long and loose, her look was reminiscent of Cher, circa 1975, when she was at her peak of fabulosity.

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Kristen Stewart kept it simple, short, and sexy, in a gold-on-black strappy top and glittering black mini skirt, married with a just-right wide belt. Accented with a pair of killer black platform shoes and her hair in a simple ponytail (which, admittedly, could have been neater), she looked like herself, and clearly had a great time, up to and including her acceptance of the Best Kiss award which she and Robert Pattinson accepted together.

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Vanessa Hudgens wore an amazing pair of silver pumps, but her dress was just a tad too “baby doll” even for the MTV crowd (and even though she has great legs). The same dress with a slightly more sophisticated cut would have been perfect. The shoes, however, almost made up for it.

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And it would be totally remiss to not mention Katy Perry’s amazingly sexy mini dress, accented with cobalt blue hair and bright yellow nails. She was a combination of Betty Boop and Veronica of the Archie Comics, but guess what? On Perry, it totally worked. She’s riding high on a big tide of fame and popularity this year, and if ever the time was right to go all out, Sunday night’s VMAs were it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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Supposedly there were men in attendance at the VMAs too, but with all the great legs, cleavage, and sparkle going on, they might as well have been invisible. Zac Efron looked awfully cute in his preppy suit and white shirt, but he’s pretty enough to be an honorary girl anyway.

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