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Was ‘Love Happens’ Premise Stolen?

0 Comments 16 September 2009

Jennifer Aniston dazzles in a silver mini dress at the premiere of Love Happens in Los Angeles

Actress Jennifer Aniston dazzles in a silver mini dress at the premiere of ‘Love Happens’ in Los Angeles at the Mann Village Theatre in Westwood, California. She knows she looks good, pulls funny faces and shows off her long toned legs for the photographers.

The new romantic comedy Love Happens, starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston opens Friday in the U.S. The movie concerns a self help guru who falls for a florist. Two writers, Greg Crowder and Tony Freitas are suing Universal because the studio allegedly stole the idea for the movie from them.

Crowder says he presented the scripts under the working title The Truth to Scott Bernstein in 2006. Bernstein said that the script needed a rewrite, but wouldn’t pay for one. In 2009, Crowder submitted a rewritten script to another studio. That studio told Crowder they were concerned that he might have stolen the script for Love Happens.

In the movie, a best selling self help author presents a sold out seminar at a hotel in which Aniston’s character Eloise owns a florist’s shop. The two meet, and Eloise discovers that though he presents a strong facade to the world, this self-help star, played by Aaron Eckhart, is unable to take his own advice.

The movie made its premiere in L.A. Tuesday night. Both stars attended, with Aniston wearing a long sleeved silver mini dress paired with matching silver sandals. She also appeared on The Tonight Show to promote the movie, in this case wearing a classic black mini dress that made the most of her toned and tan legs.

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