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Welcome Yourself To New York & Treat Yourself To A Day At TriBeCa MedSpa

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Looking your best is a professional must in New York City. TriBeCa MedSpa, a therapeutic environment that offers effective and innovative medical aesthetic treatments, knows that appearance is key for both women and men. Ladies, that means wearing sky high-heels and gents, it’s time to lose the lines that reflect the signs of the time on your face. TriBeCa MedSpa’s array of injectables and facial treatments, offer every client a one-stop shop for all of their skincare needs. With an array of fantastic spa treatments, you can choose from effective inhectable treatments. To their classic facial treatments. Here are some of the spas special offers.

Injectable Treatments

Podiatric Dermal Filler- This is an essential treatment for any New Yorker. You can once again walk on hard, city pavement, up and down subway stairs, shop all day and dance all night without that painful feeling on the bottom of your feet. Dermal fillers restore and replace lost padding and cushioning by stimulating your body’s natural collagen production. You will feel like you have pillows on your feet!

Facial Treatments

NYC Breakout Buster- Got Hormones? Got Stress? Our skin is the first to show signs of unbalanced hormones and stress. This unique combination skin therapy offers a corrective facial with a medical grade salicylic peel, dermaplaning and Blue Light therapy to correct those sporadic breakouts that are associated with hormonal imbalance and/or stress. You will leave feeling calm and corrected!

City Grime Detox Skin Therapy – Check your skin into detox at TriBeCa MedSpa to fight city grime! Environmental factors such as pollution, bus and subway exhaust, and poor air quality can wreak havoc on your skin. This detoxifying treatment starts with a nectar cleansing facial massage along with an exclusive fruit enzyme to gently stimulate and exfoliate your skin to remove city pollutants for a healthier, fresher look. We then remove the buildup on the skin with dermaplaning. We finish the treatment with a blue light therapy to rid the skin of bacteria that could lead to unwanted irritation and breakouts.

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  1. I think is great to have a treatment like that. Theres services for man? :)

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