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What To Wear This Summer

1 Comment 27 June 2011

With the summer having arrived it is definitely time to get your wardrobe set for the season. As normal there is a large amount of change in the fashion industry and many styles have faded whilst others have emerged. And if you want to look in-vogue for the months ahead then now is the time to buy a collection of outfits which will show your style.

Raven Denim – Aubrey Wide Leg Jeans with Twisted Pintucks

One notable change for the summer season is pants, with skinny and tight jeans behind replaced with a wider legged variety. Boot cut, flared and wide legged pants are most certainly back in for the summer, allowing your legs to breathe a little in the summer heat. Meanwhile, if you still want to show off a little flesh then this year the Capri pant is in, with the three quarter length tight fitting fashion being perfect for long days in the sun.

Winter Kate – Kamakura Maxi Dress

If your prefer dresses to pants then you’ll welcome news that maxi dresses are certainly still in style, offering you a loose fitting garment to wear when the weather is stifling. The style has also evolved a little, and in summer 2011 you’ll find that fish tails are now also in-vogue. These dresses are very similar to the maxi style but have an elongated back, creating their visually inspiring name. Meanwhile, whatever you may be wearing, pleats have also arrived on the fashion scene in a big way. Whilst pleats have been around for a long time summer 2011 will see more garments than every utilizing this style and you’ll never be out of fashion if you include some pleating in your outfit.

sQ The Label – Heaven Pants

Away from actual styles, fabrics have also made changes this season, with the summer months seeing the come back of lace, crochet and macramé. Lace has been in style for years but this year it has become more an accessory than an entire outfit, with small patches of the material used as highlights. Meanwhile, the 70’s is back with force, and adding macramé or crochet to your outfit will keep you in style. And if you simply want to add a few accessories to the mix then go big and bold with large colorful hoop or cascading earrings and bulky beaded necklaces.

Whilst you may think that all this new style is going to cost a fortune you can save a lot of money by shopping online. There are a range of great websites such as which will allow you to find great savings on the internet and ensure that you get the fashions you need for the season. High street retailers can often take some time getting the latest styles into the shops, meaning that by the time you’ve got your latest in-vogue wear half the season has past already. However, by heading onto the internet and shopping online you can not only get a great seasonal wardrobe but save time and money as well. And if you want to lead the way in the fashion stakes amongst your friends this year, pay attention to the catwalks before creating your looks to set your style.

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  1. TheJUNQUI says:

    Not so sure about the first pair of jeans but I love everything else :)

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