What Was She Thinking? Celeb Shiny Mishaps

0 Comments 22 January 2007

Penélope Cruz
Penelope Cruz (source)

Penélope Cruz
Penelope Cruz again! (source)

The Redeeming Dress…
Penélope Cruz
Penelope Cruz (ahh, much better)

Elizabeth Banks
Elizabeth Banks (source)
Joy Bryant
Joy Bryant (source)

The Problem? Too much shine. The Offenders? Red carpet celebs…whether stepping out for a daytime or evening event, celebs are still slightly overdoing it with the shine factor. A little bit is okay, but unforgiving satin that blinds the paparazzi is probably a bit much. Paired with strange accents (pockets in a dress? under the armpit neckties?), they look even goofier. The tinsel is off of the tree and the ball has long dropped in Times Square…so lets put away the shiny stuff until next holiday season, hmmm?

Better bets for cold weather fashion? Think earthy tones, jeans tucked into fancy boots, chunky sweaters and lots of cute accessories…see, winter fashion doesn’t have to be boring!Angie Harmon
Angie Harmon (source)
Kate Moss
Kate Moss
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel

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