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What You Always Wanted to Know About Celebrity Jewelry, But Hadn’t Thought to Ask

0 Comments 26 February 2013

Celebrity jewelry is not just the fascination of the paparazzi.  We are as fascinated by what we see Angelina Jolie wear as anyone. After all, the paparazzi wouldn’t have jobs if it weren’t for us.  That’s who buys the magazines. So here is a bit more about celebrity jewelry.

Where do celebrities get their jewelry?

Beverly Hills, of course. Beverly Hills jewelry stores are the primary destination for the kind of high end jewelry that celebrities seek out. Stores likes Leon’s of Beverly Hills offer celebrities the kind of unique stunners that help them amplify their immaculate looks.

Do celebrities get jewelry to wear like they do dresses at Oscars?

Yes. In fact Celebrities will often drop the name of the jewelry designer along with their dress designers. It works out great for both: the celebrity gets a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear on their big nights and the jewelry designer gets some free publicity.

What do celebrities look for in jewelry?

When you speak to jewelers who cater to the stars they say that celebrities look for jewelry which is like them: unique and beautiful.  They aren’t just looking at the kind of jewelry that you find at a million other stores.  They want a piece of jewelry that is truly tailored to their appearance and style.

Take for example the lovely emerald bib necklace worn by Amy Adams at a recent award show. The colorful necklace created by Fred Leighton was a mix of green emeralds that perfectly matched the actress’ eyes and complemented both her red locks and her red dress.

By contrast, for Natalie Portman who was also wearing a red dress on the red carpet at the 2012 Oscars, the look was very different. Instead of colorful emeralds, the Black Swan actress went for a much more classic look, choosing a sparkling V-shaped Harry Winston necklace that acted as a bright contrast to her darker looks, while subtly complementing her dangling diamond earrings.

That is what it is all about when it comes to celebrity jewelry—creating an unforgettable look that ascents a celebrity’s personal style and stays in the mind.

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