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What’s Hot and What’s Not…2007 Winter Trends

0 Comments 03 December 2007

Some of our favorite winter trends may surprise you…they aren’t necessarily cold weather articles, but you’ll want to be wearing them to holiday festivities anyway!

Lantern Sleeves


Old Navy Lantern Sleeve Top, $14.99

Lantern sleeves are totally hot right now! A cute addition to any wardrobe, these feminine accents are also flattering on any figure. Available on coats, dresses and tops right now, we found this cute top at Old Navy for less than $15! Dressy enough for a casual work environment and cute for a night out too.

Pinafore Dresses


Urban Outfitters Peel Corduroy Pinafore Dress, $144.00

Like with lantern sleeve tops, pinafore dresses are cute and versatile. Add a turtleneck and textured tights for fall (like on the model) and in the spring, trade in the turtleneck and tights for a tank top and bare legs. This look is uber-girly, so be careful when you pick one out…it’s easy to turn grown-up chic into little girl silly with this look. Opt for a flattering cut and good quality fabric and you won’t be dissapointed.

Satin Flats


The Gap Satin Ballet Flats, $39.50

These are the perfect little accent to turn any blah look into a fab holiday outfit. Cute with jeans and a fancy top and my fave accent to a holiday dress, these flats from the Gap won’t go wrong. Consequently, they are also VERY comfy and even good for standing for long periods of time (a bonus for flats!). At under $40, it’s a great bargain.

And what’s NOT HOT:



Ugg Upside, $228.95

I’m probably going to get a lot of resistance here, but listen; unless you live in an igloo in Siberia or race dog sleds for a living, then give these up. They are kind of cute, but not at all flattering. Save your money and get some grown up knee high boots instead…you’ll thank me for it.



Louis Vuitton Shearling Lined Bag

Maybe it’s because they remind me of Uggs, or maybe it’s because it’s been done over and over again, I don’t know…either way, it’s also time to retire your shearling lined bags, etc.



Mink Fur Hat, $79.99

I don’t have to explain this one, do I? A few poor minks had to die a cruel death for that horrible hat…ick. Fur IS pretty, but it’s cruel beyond words…again, unless you are freezing in Siberia and have no other option than to make a fur coat, it’s just tacky and in bad taste. Besides, there are plenty of faux fur options out there that are inexpensive and just as pretty as the real stuff.

What’s your favorite new look for this season (or one you wish everyone would retire?) Share with us!

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