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White Wedding: Chic and Sleek Tips for a Winter Wedding

0 Comments 17 November 2008

Even here in Florida, Jack Frost is in the air and my thoughts can’t help but turn to winter. If you’ve recently become engaged, then I’m sure that your thoughts are on nothing but the wedding. But if you are still stumped on color scheme, location and even your date, then maybe a traditional wedding isn’t for you. Set yourself apart from traditional crowd and opt instead for a Winter Wedding!

A White Wedding can be fun and elegant if done correctly. If Christmas has always been your favorite holiday, then this may be the perfect option for you. And it’s all so much easier than you think. Read on for some great inspiration on how to turn your wedding into a white winter extravaganza!

Color Scheme

A bride’s color scheme is super personal, but a winter wedding can help you narrow down your color choices. If you want to go with an icy wedding, then choose shades of blue, white and silver. If your winter wedding is going to be more of a Christmas theme, then red and green are obvious accent choices. Or you could go the uber chic route and make everything a crisp white with hints of silver and gold.


Top off any traditional wedding dress with a white fur capelet, stole or hooded coat to create a romantic wintery look. Add accent colors of red or silver in your hair or choose a dress with your corresponding colors.


Choosing the theme of your cake could be the most fun and challenging part of your wedding planning. Depending on how far you want to go, you can use poinsettias, candy canes, snowflakes, white doves, gift box shapes, bows, sprigs of pine and more on your cake. A gingerbread house shaped cake is a fun option for a Christmas themed wedding.


Red roses and poinsettias are obvious flower choices for a winter bride, but you can think outside the box based on your theme. Build your bouquet and floral decor with pinecones, sprigs of pine and other winter foliage to create a warm winter look. Snowflake garlands, fake white doves, silver and gold candles, and of course, decorated Christmas trees, wrapped gift boxes and other traditional Christmas decor is also a great option. White lights, ornaments and candy cane accents are also ideal.


You can have a lot of fun with this too…icy themes can use a die cut snowflake design for their invitations, or a gingerbread man for a Christmas theme. Christmas cards with winter scenes or simple silver and gold accents on a traditional invitation are also elegant.

Whatever you do, if you decide that a Winter Wedding is for you and your fiancee, have lots of fun with it. Your guests will be sure to talk about it for years to come, and it will make this time of year even more special. Be sure to bank on after Christmas sales this year (or the year before your wedding) to get some great deals.

Have you ever had a White Wedding? If you were a December bride, leave a comment and let us know some of the “cool” things you did!

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