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Wife Dressing Book Review: A Very Proper Valentine’s Gift

0 Comments 11 February 2008


“Wife Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife” By: Anne Fogarty

“I always carry extra white gloves and extra stockings”

These are words of wisdom from fashion designer, author and stylish wife Anne Fogarty circa 1959. Her book “Wife Dressing: The Fine Art of Being a Well-Dressed Wife” (With Provocative Notes for the Patient Husband Who Pays the Bills) has recently been re-released so that wives of the new millenia can benefit from her time honored tips.

While much of the advice is so outdated and dusty (for example, you need to build a petticoat wardrobe), there is also fun and sound fashion rules to be found within these pages. This was a book for “ladies that lunch” and “career wives” who took meticulous care of their wardrobe and appearance and would be aghast at the velour track suit wearing wives and mothers of today. I would bet that my grandmother had one and it sat on her vanity next to her face powder and pearls.

Even though the times have changed, there is a great deal of fun for veteran wives, newlyweds adn wives-to-be in “Wife Dressing.” Fogarty’s pet peeves when it comes to dressing aren’t far from my own (underwear straps that show, long tapered “Dragon lady” fingernails, too much makeup in the daytime), while some are downright hilarious (colored wigs, charm bracelets at the theater, and “dungarees” as regular wifely garb).

“Wife Dressing” makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for your fashion-conscious wife (with a good sense of humour) or as a gift for the bride-to-be. Get your copy HERE for great tips on how to dress in a wifely way and other sage advice from fashion designer Anne Fogarty.

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