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Would you Wear this Look Feather Earrings?

0 Comments 18 March 2011

Feather earrings seem to be going from being just a fad to being a longer term trend. They’ve been photographed on Gwyneth Paltrow, Vanessa Hudgens, and Jessica Biel, and you may well have seen them on people you meet in everyday life. There are lots of different ways to enjoy this look.

Big and bright is one take, as seen on Ms. Paltrow. She’s wearing these earrings with a minimalist black outfit, adding a lovely burst of color near her face. Vanessa Hudgens is shown wearing an asymmetric look in earthy tones, which go perfectly with the more ethnic elements of her look, including the silver jewelry and henna tattoo. Biel’s look is clean-scrubbed and casual, combining small feather earrings with a classic black blazer and jeans combination.

Do you have feather earrings? How would you mix them into your look?


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