8 Hobbies to try this Fall

8 Hobbies to try this Fall

If you’re a little introverted or are simply feeling exhausted from your busy schedule recently, here are the top 8 hobbies for you to try this Fall. While there’s still a little bit more of summer left, there are plenty of people excited about sitting in PJs and drinking cocoa as the leaves turn. 


There’s something very inspiring about the orange, reds, and browns of leaves in the Fall, and it might get you inspired to start writing. Whether you blog online, or go old school with a notepad and pen, see where this little hobby takes you. 


Of course, if you’re not sure you’ve got the creative flair for writing, you could always leave it to the professionals and read instead. Getting lost in a book is one of life’s simplest yet greatest pleasures. So snuggle up on a bean bag from Sumo Lounge and take an adventure without ever leaving the house. 


Gaming is a great way to pass the time on a rainy weekend. Whether you’re into action-packed video games or prefer the calming effects of Animal Crossing, escaping to a virtual world might be the perfect de-stressing hobby for after school or work. 


Get creative and paint a masterpiece. Alternatively, try a paint-by-numbers for adults. You could even take to TikTok and Instagram to find some cool painting techniques you might not have thought of (plus plenty of videos of dogs being taught to paint…).


Knitting, sewing, and embroidery all seem to go through a bit of a revival last year, thanks to everyone spending more time at home. As well as being a useful skill for fixing clothing, sewing can be a great way to practice mindfulness after a long day or create gifts for friends on a budget. So get started by ordering a fun embroidery template online or diving into the deep end and try to make your own clothes!

Create a film list 

There are bound to be hundreds of films that you wanted to see at the movies but never managed to get there. Take a look at sites like IMDB, trace back all the movies you’ve missed, and add them to a massive list. Or, try to complete Netflix. If you want to take your project a step further, you could even start your own film review blog to keep track of all the films you’ve managed to watch.

Flower pressing 

If you’re going to miss the summer, save a little piece. Gather up your favorite summer blooms and try your hand at flower pressing. There are also plenty of other nature-based crafts to try, such as leaf printing, foraging, and woodwork.


With so many holidays coming up, there’s no better time to take up baking from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Bake a few sweet treats for guests or for parties you’re invited to. From pumpkin pie to ghost cake pops, there’s plenty of inspiration on Buzzfeed or Pinterest.