A Bean Bag Chair for All Rooms

A Bean Bag Chair for All Rooms

Remember when a bean bag chair was considered a style mistake? You would only find them in game rooms, children’s rooms, and possibly family rooms. However, with the new upscale bean bag chairs on the market, including the Yogibo, they aren’t relegated to the basement any longer. In fact, they’re found in all rooms in the house (except possibly the bathroom and kitchen) and even in schools and offices. There’s a bean bag chair for all rooms!

In the Bedroom

With the Yogibo’s ability to transform into a bed, it’s a perfect spare cot in any bedroom. It’s especially useful in a child’s room when they have a friend over to spend the night.

In the Living Room

The fabric used for the Yogibo’s cover, a cotton-spandex blend, is high-end enough to keep it in the living room, where it can be used as extra seating for guests. If you have a television in your living room, the Yogibo makes a perfect couch or recliner to enjoy a movie or TV show with friends and family members.

In the Game Room

Gamers love the extra support they get from the expanded polystyrene (EPS) beads inside the Yogibo. These beads conform to any body type and provide all body parts from the head to the toes with the proper amount of support to avoid pressure points and tingling limbs, even when a gaming session goes into the wee hours of the morning.

In the Office

More and more offices are incorporating unconventional seating options for their workers (and sometimes, their visitors). Including a Yogibo in your office arrangement will allow employees to work on their laptops or sit in meetings for longer periods of time. They won’t be worrying about how uncomfortable their office chair is when they should be listening to the latest productivity report.

In the School

Just like with the office, schools are starting to realize that the traditional seating options don’t work for everyone. They are adding high-end bean bag chairs to their assortment of chairs and couches to give students with diverse needs a sensory option that serves to calm them down in times of high anxiety. Many students have reported that the gentle “hug” of a Yogibo provides them with the compression their body requires to make them feel safe in situations that are anxiety producing. 

In Therapy

Therapists have found that patients who are comfortably seated are more likely to complete the therapeutic tasks that are necessary for both mental and physical improvement. Since they focus less on the furniture they’re sitting on and more on the task at hand, their therapy sessions are more productive. This is especially true for individuals who have trouble staying in one place for a long time. For example, people with ADHD have reported being able to sit still for a longer amount of time when sitting in the Yogibo than they are when they sit in a traditional chair.


The modern bean bag chair is truly a versatile piece of furniture that has an use in most rooms and situations. You might even discover another use once you get your Yogibo home and find out just how functional it really is.