Retreat! 3 Types of Women’s Retreats to Consider in 2020

Retreat! 3 Types of Women’s Retreats to Consider in 2020

Girls retreats have always held a certain type of charm. They are an opportunity to bond with your favorite girlfriends while having fun and discovering a new place. This has made them a staple in books, movies and everything in between. They are many options when it comes to deciding what type of retreat to go on with your friends and some of the most common include road trips and hiking retreats. However, there are a couple of retreats ideas that are not entirely conventional but should still be considered if you are planning a girls retreat.

1. Silent Retreats: Many people find themselves overwhelmed with the constant hustle and bustle of daily life which includes work, commuting, keeping up with one’s personal life and the digital world. If you find yourself in this category you might consider a silent retreat for you and your friends. A silent retreat is essentially a retreat in which participants check into a certain facility and engage in a prolonged period of silence. This means phones are taken away and participants can go without speaking for days and, in some cases, weeks. The goal of this is to rejuvenate, rest and disconnect from the troubles of modern life.

2. Yoga and Wellness Retreats: Yoga and wellness retreats are cut from a similar cloth to silent retreats but with emphasis on physical health. Yoga retreats often involve participants checking into a sometimes remote facility and spending days practicing yoga, meditation, and wellness. If you already practice yoga, this will likely be a good idea for you and your friends as you get to relax and disconnect from the outside world and this will give you a chance to bond and spend time together. Some people choose to make wellness retreats an annual or periodic affair and should you and your friends enjoy one, you could do so as well.

3. Cultural Retreats: Would you and your friends want to enjoy a girls retreat while still learning about a different culture? Well, in that case, a cultural retreat would be a good idea for you. A cultural retreat is an immersive experience in which participants enter a facility that is centered around a specific culture such as Japanese culture. Everything from the decor to the food to even the language being spoken at the facility will be centered around the predetermined culture and is an opportunity for participants to learn about the culture and immerse themselves. If you and your friends are interested in other cultures or simply want a fun new experience, this is an unconventional yet interesting girls retreat idea.

Besides the typical and go-to retreat ideas, there are a number of unconventional places you could go for a girls retreat to make the experience all the more memorable for you and your friends.