Things You Should Know Before Wearing a Hair Topper

Things You Should Know Before Wearing a Hair Topper

There’s a reason why hair toppers have become so popular recently. They are lightweight, simple to use, and great for adding volume to the top of your head by simply clipping them into your hair. Hair toppers are available in various styles, sizes, lengths, and thicknesses. In addition, they can be made of heat-resistant synthetic fiber or natural human hair.

Human Hair

Before wearing a hair topper, understand its application and maintenance requirements. Human hair toppers need special care because they aren’t attached to the scalp and miss out on natural oils. Proper care will help you extend the life of the hair toppers for men and women and keep it looking as good as new. It would help if you used a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can even find special hair conditioners that are designed for extensions.

Before wearing a hair topper, you should learn how to style it. Human hair toppers develop a memory when styled repeatedly. Therefore, you should practice styling your hair topper on a mannequin head to ensure the best results.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair as a hair topper is an excellent option for those who don’t want to commit to wearing a wig. It offers many advantages over human hair, including an easy maintenance process and the ability to be worn straight out of the box. Synthetic hair also has a high memory for volume, curl, and wave, so it bounces back into place without much effort. It also can withstand harsh weather and won’t frizz.

Another advantage of using synthetic hair is that it is lightweight. Unlike human hair, which tends to weigh a ton, synthetic hair toppers are lightweight and breathable, making them a better option for hot and humid weather. In addition, since lace bases are breathable, synthetic toppers can help you stay more relaxed during the hot summer months.

Temporary Or Semi-Permanently Attached

A temporary or semi-permanently attached hair topper is a great way to transform your hair. These extensions attach to the head with pressure snap clips or bonding techniques. Hair loss sufferers often use hair toppers to create a fuller look around the scalp. You can choose from different colors, styles, and lengths.

The hairpiece is made of synthetic or human hair. The synthetic type is usually made of monofilament fibers and is converted into a hairlike appearance using heat. These hairpieces retain their shape even under extreme weather conditions. These hairpieces are excellent for those who don’t want to change styles too often or have limited mobility.


The size of a hair topper is a critical consideration. If you’re losing your hair, you want maximum coverage. Often, this means going larger than usual. However, a smaller size will not cover the entire bald spot and look unnatural. In these cases, a significant hair topper will provide maximum coverage.

It would help if you chose a hair topper that matches your hair color. If the color is too different from your own, it won’t look natural. You can purchase a hair topper in different colors if you don’t want to check your color.

If you want to choose a smaller size, you may need to measure your head to determine which size you need. Three different cap sizes are available, measured from side to side and front to back. A 7×7 cap is a correct size for most women. An 8×8 cap will cover the crown, while a 9×9 cap will cover the back of the head. The larger sizes will sit slightly lower than the smaller ones.


The price of a hair topper can vary from a few dollars to several hundred. The length of the topper and the type of hair used to create it will also factor into the price. Synthetic hair toppers cost about $100 to $150 per topper, while human hair topper prices can run anywhere from six hundred to one thousand dollars per topper.

Many suppliers offer customized hairstyles. For example, you can choose between straight and curly styles or a ponytail and bread. Depending on the type you want, you can also customize the color of the hair to match your own.