Vegas for Women: 4 Must Do’s On a Girls Trip to Las Vegas

Vegas for Women: 4 Must Do’s On a Girls Trip to Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the most common places for girls’ trips and this is for good reason. This city of sin has captivated the general public for decades now and is, culturally speaking, one of the most iconic places within the United States. There is also a great deal to do should one find themselves on a trip in Las Vegas to the point that many say that one cannot fully explore Las Vegas in a single trip. This is good news as should you and a group of friends be in Las Vegas on a girls’ trip, you will not be at loss for what to do with some of the most interesting things to do being as follows:

1. Clubbing: Las Vegas is very famous for its nightlife and is home to some of the most renowned and famous night clubs in the world such as 1OAK and The Savers Club. Should you and your friends find yourself in Las Vegas, prepare ahead of time and a list of clubs you would like to visit as well as entry fees and requirements. Many of these clubs attract some of the world’s most famous DJs such as Diplo and Kygo and you are likely to have an amazing time with them.

2. Restaurants: Las Vegas is as known for its restaurants as it is for its club scene. Las Vegas has a wide range of renowned restaurants that are helmed by world-famous chefs. This includes everything from Gourmet to Oriental food to even classic American restaurants such as the Hard Rock Café. It is often suggested that one should go on an eating tour of sorts in Las Vegas on each trip though it is practically impossible to visit all the food establishments there. Before your trip, conduct research with your friends and decide on which restaurants you would like to visit as some require prior reservations.

3. Performances: Las Vegas residencies have become commonplace for famous musicians with many such as Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez, and Elton John having had residencies in Las Vegas and what else to make your trip complete than a live show of your favorite artist. Many of these tickets can be rather pricey so it is a good idea to book one in advance to take advantage of reduced prices. When you do make a booking, however, the live performances are likely to be one of the highlights of your girls’ trip to Las Vegas.

4. Cultural centers: One of the lesser discussed aspects of Las Vegas is its cultural appreciation. This includes its renowned art galleries such as the Neon Museum and the Metropolitan Museum as well as its annual fireworks festival and street art exhibitions. If you are interested in arts, schedule your girls’ trip around the time that exhibitions are being held in these galleries as well as to coincide with the street art festival. This will allow you to not only support local artists but bring home some souvenirs as well.

Las Vegas is not only the city of sin but the city of a million things to do, especially if you are on a girls’ trip. Whether you decide to go clubbing or visit art galleries, it is certainly has something for everyone.