Work and Play: The Perfect Balance For Working Remotely

Work and Play: The Perfect Balance For Working Remotely

More people than ever before are working from home thanks to the internet and the flexibility of the modern workplace. This means fewer people have to spend hours in traffic or endure long commutes only to spend hours in stuffy offices. While there are several benefits to working from home, there are also downsides involved as many people who work from home report feeling bored while doing so. Our homes are often the place where we feel the most comfortable but being in our home while working can result in a lack of stimulation and this can go on to affect productivity. If you find yourself working from home on a regular basis, consider some of the following boredom-fighting tips:

1. Change Rooms: Many people who work from home tend to conduct their business from a specific room within the house, often their study or bedrooms. While it is beneficial to have a dedicated workspace, boredom can often set in, especially if it an ‘area of rest’ such as a bedroom or on the couch. To combat this, change up your workspace on a consistent basis and avoid the temptation to work from your bed all the time. If possible, set up a work timetable and work from a different room in the house each day of the week or change the work location multiple times a day.

2. Dress the Part: One of the most frustrating parts of working in an office is the often rigid dress code and one of the best parts of working from home is a lax dress code. However, if you spend all day in your sleepwear, your mind might remain in a state of ‘rest’ and you are less likely to leave tour bed. Instead, change in casual or formal clothes while you work.

3. Step Out of the House: While you might enjoy the idea of working from home, you are in no way confined to your house and should you find yourself becoming bored at home, feel free to step outside for some stimulation. For example, you could endeavor to leave your home each day for a lunch break or a daily walk around your neighborhood. This not only forces you to interact with the outside world but can also serve as a source of inspiration which will make you more effective at work.

4. Stimulate: One of the best ways to fight boredom while working from home is to make sure that there is constant stimulation while you work rather than dead silence and isolation. Play music in the background if you can while you work or take breaks to indulge in some leisure activities. A good idea could be to pick a film or television series and watch it in parts between projects, with each part serving as a reward for completing your work.