4 Celebrities Rumored to Be Fans of Online Casinos

4 Celebrities Rumored to Be Fans of Online Casinos

There are a number of top celebrities who are known to love spending time in the casino, and as the online version has grown in leaps and bounds, it has also attracted some of the biggest celebrities in the world. The keyword is rumored, and the following celebrities have been reported to be some of the biggest fans of the online casino. They may be playing the slots, at the online virtual casino roulette tables, cards, or even bingo, but there has been a surge in celebrities playing and supporting a wide range and number of online casinos. Read on to find out more.

Cristiano Ronaldo 

CR7 is known as a poker fan and is also an ambassador for a big online poker company. This has led to a great deal of speculation and rumors as to the fact that he also spends a fair amount of time and money in the online casinos. He is a poker player of some repute and is known for his ability to bluff with the best of them.


There have been a number of viral videos that have shown Drake playing at online casinos. His favored game is roulette, and he loves to bet on table casino games, although the rumor mill has it that he is also a fan of the slots played at online casinos. Furthermore, for someone known to have given away substantial amounts of money, his overall spend is also rumored to be massive, as he spends some of his free time playing with friends and fans in these online casinos.

Matt Damon

Just as he is so well known for having done movies based on poker, so he is famously known for playing a lot of poker online at the bricks-and-mortar casinos. As a fan of crypto, it has also been noted that as a big spender in the online casinos, Matt prefers to play for crypto and to use the online versions that accept crypto. A fitting example of some of the top games favored by the big-spending players is mbitcasino.io, where a large variety of games are available, and all can be played with crypto.

Charles Barkley

Known as one of the heavyweights of the NBA at a time when players had just become some of the best paid in sport, Charles Barkley is a known gambler. He has openly stated his love for the table games as well as the online versions, and he even plays the slots. As an NBA analyst he is a still a top earner in sports, and the rumors also abound as to how much he has won and lost in the online casinos.

The fact that these celebrities have huge bankrolls also means that they are able to play for far bigger stakes as well as being able to afford to lose more than most. The rumors and the press thus must have some point to their reporting as the celebrities mentioned have accepted and openly shared on social media their love of many of the games available at the online casino.