4 of the Best Personalized Gifts

4 of the Best Personalized Gifts

Have you ever struggled to find someone the perfect gift? You spend hours walking through department stores and searching the internet, but nothing seems to feel right. It can be very frustrating as you don’t want to be the one person at the party who turned up with the disappointing gift. If your friend, relative, or whoever you’re buying for isn’t giving you any specifics about what they want, this only makes searching harder. If you are tired of searching, consider one of the following personalized gifts that are sure to be cherished forever.

1.    Wine Glasses

It’s always nice to have quality glassware at home, especially if you want to make the occasion feel special when throwing a dinner party. While some personalized glassware can look tacky, something more subtle like the person’s initials engraved at the bottom of the glass can look quite nice. Or perhaps there is a certain flower, animal, or another type of imagery that means something to them that you can have engraved onto the glassware instead. Tumblers or other cocktail glasses will also work well if they don’t drink a lot of wine.

2.   Hip Flask

Another gift for those who enjoy a tipple! A quality hip flask is always useful if you’re going for a long hike or camping and would like to enjoy a sip of whiskey or some other spirit to warm you up. A stainless steel hip flask with someone’s name, initials, or a favorite quote is a great personalized gift that they can treasure forever. It could even be passed down from generation to generation if you get a good quality flask.

3.   Quilt

If the person you’re getting a gift for loves to make their home feel warm and cozy, perhaps a handmade quilt would be a better gift. Although you can buy these from high street retailers and independent sellers, if you want to make it personal, you can always make one yourself. If your sewing skills aren’t that good, don’t worry! You can always use services like Myt-shirtblanket.com who specializes in creating gorgeous quilts made from old t-shirts that might have meant something to you and your friend, such as t-shirts you bought at concerts or when you went on a vacation together.

4.   Photo Album/Scrapbook

For most, looking at photos might be something you’re used to doing on your smartphone or laptop. However, before phones had cameras and everything went digital, you had to go through the effort of taking your roll of film to get developed. Today you can use services that will create a photo album for you and deliver it to you, and although this could still make a good personal gift, making the effort to buy a lovely photo album, print the pictures, and put them in yourself is even better. You could also incorporate other bits of memorabilia of your relationship with whoever the gift is for, so it is a hybrid of photo album and scrapbook. They can look through it, laughing and smiling at all the wonderful memories you share.

If you want to get someone special a personal gift for their next birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift, use the suggestions above as inspiration.