Purposes of Safariland Holsters

Purposes of Safariland Holsters

Safariland holsters are made from SafariLaminate, a thermoplastic alloy lined with suede. The holsters are made to fit a variety of firearm models. They feature high-retention and Self-Locking Systems. As a result, these holsters can provide the most popular firearm models.

Self-Locking System (SLS)

The Self-Locking System (SLS), or self-locking mechanism, in safariland holsters provides increased retention and safety. Utilizing a tiny piece or spring-loaded lock inserted into a slot in the holster’s slide and secured, this device locks the pistol. As a result, the gun is locked into place, and there is virtually no movement.

Safariland retention holsters are among the best retention holsters available. The self-locking system locks onto the ejection port on the gun and releases it when thumb pressure is applied during the natural draw sequence. Upon re-holstering, the holster automatically locks the firearm in place. The Self-Locking System (SLS) feature also includes a hood that prevents the gun from being accidentally drawn. A thumb depresses the hood, which rotates the hood forward.

The 6001 Sentry Guard adds another layer of security to Safariland SLS holsters. This unique accessory attaches to the holster’s SLS system and increases its retention level by one. It is available in black, brown, and foliage green colors.

Safariland holsters are designed to retain the weapon during use and are comfortable in hot or cold weather. The Safariland holster is made from SafariSeven(TM) material, a DuPont nylon blend. This material is durable and abrasion-resistant, providing substantial environmental protection.

Universal flex adapter drop leg platform

The Universal Flex Adapter Drop Leg Platform is integral to the Safariland 7304 holster. Its comprehensive body platform and single-leg strap stabilize the weapon even when worn in a mid-ride setup. In addition, it accepts standard Safariland accessories and has an excellent QLS system for retention.

The Drop Flex Adapter allows for increased stability and a smoother draw. This adapter accepts belt widths of up to 2.25 inches and features silicone straps for non-slip traction. 

High-retention holsters

High-retention Safariland is the ideal choice for police officers and others needing maximum retention when carrying firearms. These holsters feature a rotational hood and a tension device to ensure the gun is held securely during patrol. They also offer the option to upgrade to Level IV retention if necessary.

Law enforcement professionals have trusted Safariland holsters and duty gear for over 40 years. Whether you carry a handgun, revolver, or handgun, they are the perfect fit. And the brand is also committed to innovation and quality. They regularly test holsters to ensure that they are both solid and safe.

The Safariland 575 GLS(TM) Pro-Fit holster is one example. Its active retention device requires you to disengage your middle finger during a draw. It also has a thumb break. Both features help you draw your gun without fumbling with your hand.

High-retention Safariland holsters are made from durable leather and fit the body closely. Depending on the gun, it may have a different look. High-retention Safariland holsters come with an Automatic Locking System for added security. These holsters feature a thumb-operated locking system that secures the weapon in all directions while still allowing the gun to be drawn straight from the holster. These holsters also feature a mid-ride belt loop and a suede lining that protects the gun’s finish and sight.

While a leather holster offers enhanced retention, it’s essential to know the difference between passive and active retention. Passive retention comes from friction but may need more to ensure safe storage. Unfortunately, it could be challenging to distinguish between the two. If uncertain, speak with a respected gunsmith before buying.