The Different Styles of Soft Shell Protective Headgear

The Different Styles of Soft Shell Protective Headgear

Many different styles and designs of protective headgear are available on the market. They all have their unique features and level of impact protection.

To determine which style is right for you, you must know your needs and which type of helmet best suits them. In this article, we’ll explore the various kinds of soft shell headgear to help you find the one that fits your style and needs.

Pro Soft Shell Sports Helmet

If you’re looking for a soft helmet that is very comfortable to wear while at the same time offering excellent protection, the Pro Soft Shell Sports Helmet is the perfect choice for you! Gamebreaker designs this helmet, which features a combination of rubber foam and D3O impact-absorbing foam, ensuring maximum protection on impact. It also features a self-adjusting back panel and a hook and loop chin strap, which provides a secure, custom fit that stays in place.

This lightweight, soft helmet offers excellent ventilation, so your head will stay calm, and sweat will evaporate quickly. It’s also washable, which makes it easy to maintain the cleanliness of the helmet.

The helmet is made from high-quality breathable material, and it’s available in a wide variety of colors. It’s an excellent option for those who need headgear for rugby, soccer, and other sports.

It’s also very affordable, which makes it an ideal choice for many people. It’s also highly durable so it can last a long time.

This protective soft shell headgear is a must-have for flag football players because it reduces the risk of head injuries. Its patented technology absorbs shock and distributes it, so it’s less likely to injure your head.

Iggy Protective Hat

The Iggy Protective Hat is a fashionable soft shell headgear that combines a helmet’s protection with a beanie’s comfort. It’s an excellent option for people who want lightweight, stylish headgear that will also help them prevent injuries from falls or seizures.

Iggy’s hat features hidden protectors that provide safety and security to the head. The protective foam is formulated to absorb the impact of an injury, which helps prevent damage to the skull and head. This allows the hat to be worn without causing discomfort or irritation and can be folded for storage.

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2nd Skull Armor Rugby-Style Soft Shell Helmet

The 2nd Skull Armor rugby-style soft shell helmet is the perfect fusion of style and substance. The high-performance helmet is crafted from 80% Polyethylene Foam, 8% Nylon, and 2% Spandex to provide an optimal balance of protection and mobility while keeping athletes cool as cucumbers. This helmet cradles the crown for best head protection while a front and rear lace-up secures a snug fit. The helmet is also a cinch to erect, so you’ll be on your game for the long haul. This slick-looking helmet has all the modern-day conveniences with the bonus of a good ole fashion headphone jack. This is not to mention that it has an adjustable chin strap. Besides, the helmet is one of those things you’ll be glad you have on your head when it counts. It’s a great way to impress the gents on the court and your parents in the stands!

X7 Soft Shell Headgear

If you’re looking for a soft shell helmet that offers excellent protection and comfort, the X7 Soft Shell Headgear may be right for you. This helmet provides a custom-fit padding system and several other features that make it an excellent choice for anyone.

The X7 Soft Shell Headgear has been designed to mitigate potential impact forces and incidental contact you could experience during play while offering a comfortable fit and an iconic design. It also has a quad-fit system that allows you to change out the pads to achieve a perfect fit and give you superior comfort.

Another great feature of the X7 Soft Shell Helmet is its light and breathable. The material in the shell enables air to pass through the helmet so that it won’t get too hot and sweaty on the field.

This makes it an excellent option for players who wear their helmets frequently and often. It also has a perfect Bio-Fresh anti-microbial treatment to prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth.

The X7 also features an easy-to-use, adjustable chin strap that helps keep the helmet securely on your head. The chin strap is made from a lightweight, stretchy material that accommodates various head sizes and shapes. This helmet also features a visor and ear vents for additional ventilation.