Adding a Splash of Color into Any Room: 4 Great Tips

Adding a Splash of Color into Any Room: 4 Great Tips

When you’re decorating a room, one of the hardest decisions to make is what color to paint all the rooms. You might want to pick a color that is really popular at the moment, but in the back of your mind, you might be thinking that it could go out of fashion really quickly and you’ll want to redecorate your whole room all over again. That’s why many of us resort to picking colors we know will never go out of fashion, like different shades of white or different pastel colors. While we might be reluctant to paint the walls a particular color, it doesn’t mean that your room has got to be completely bland. There are lots of different ways you can use furniture and accessories to make your room look brighter and a lot more fun. Here are just some of the ways you can quickly add a splash of color to your room without having to buy a new tin of paint. 

Throw a beanbag or two on the floor

One of the biggest pieces of furniture in a living room, a man cave, or another place where you regularly have guests is the seating. Whether it’s a couch, a bench, or a row of chairs, it’s highly likely that whatever you’re got to sit on will take up a vast amount of the space in your room. This means they are ideal places to add a splash of color into any room. The most likely reason you want to add a bit of color into your room is to make them feel a lot more fun, so why not choose a fun piece of furniture as well as a fun color? If you buy a bean bag, you’re not only bringing in a big splash of color, but you’re bringing in a really fun yet really stylish piece of furniture into the room as well. Make sure you pick a high-quality foam bean bag so it’s comfortable no matter which way you choose to sit on it and so it doesn’t tear and leave tiny white balls all across your floor. If you ever decide you want to change the color of the room, you can then quite easily pick this bean bag up and place it in a different room where you want to add a bit of color. If you want to temporarily change the color scheme of the room, you could even try covering the bean bag with a different colored throw as a cheap way of changing the mood of the room whilst still keeping the comfort of the bean bag. 

Add a neon sign to your walls

Another great way of adding a bit of light into your room is to hang a neon sign from the wall. These have become an increasingly popular way of adding color so bright that it literally glows. There are so many different neon signs on the market, so it’s important to choose wisely before committing to buying one of these expensive items. Firstly, you want to choose one that is the right size to be a feature but not overpower the room. Not only do you have to consider the dimensions of the actual sign, but you also have to consider the space which it will fill with bright light. Make sure it is far enough away from any windows or television screen; otherwise, you’ll be unable to see them when the bright light is shining. It’s also important to remember that it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have the light on all the time, so consider what it will look like when it’s powered off as well as powered on. Some neon colors will look completely different when it isn’t lit up, so make sure these colors won’t clash with the rest of the room. 

Swap your bulbs

Another way of lighting up your room with different colors is to install smart lightbulbs into your room. These are lightbulbs that not only project the usual warm light you’d expect from a lightbulb but also a wide palette of different colors. You might think that you’d need an electrician to fit these special lights, but they simply screw into your light pendants in the exact same way you’d fit any bulb. Once you screwed them into your lightbulb socket, they then connect to your Wi-Fi network via a special device you plug into your router. When it’s all connected up, you can then choose different colors to suit whatever mood you’re in. For example, if you wanted your room to feel warm and autumnal, you could choose warm oranges and reds. If you wanted to create more of a disco atmosphere, you could set each lightbulb so it’s a completely different color. All of these colors can be easily chosen from an app on your smartphone, or you could even tell your smart assistant to change the color of the lights.

Scatter some different colored cushions

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to add pops of color to your room is to add some colorful scatter cushions to your couch. Even if you have the dullest couch to match your dull walls and floor, a few carefully chosen cushions can completely change the look and feel of it. Often the most expensive part of the cushion is the insert, which means once you’ve bought a few cushions, you can buy new covers pretty cheaply. Scatter cushions are so popular that you could pick up some covers online in pretty much any color for just a few dollars. You could even have a go at making some of your own out of any fabric of your choice. Even if you only have the most basic sewing experience, you should be able to make a cushion cover. Simply sew two squares of fabric together, turn them inside out, and then you’ll have created a pocket to slide your cushion insert into.