Organization Matters: 3 Practical Ways to Completely Remove Clutter in Your Home

Organization Matters: 3 Practical Ways to Completely Remove Clutter in Your Home

There are few things that prevent a home from looking and feeling its best like clutter. Clutter means that there is less space overall in your living space, is aesthetically unappealing and can even have a negative psychological effect on occupants.

No one wants to come home to a cluttered space but the process of decluttering can be stressful in itself. This is likely because most people do not know where to start in terms of decluttering and have a significant amount of clutter to go through in their homes.

One of the best solutions for those decluttering organizing your home in New York City is to store all the things that you are not ready to throw away.

However, decluttering can easily be done through the following steps.

1. Divide the Tasks: One common mistake that is made when people attempt to declutter their homes is taking on too much work at a go and eventually giving up.

Most times, clutter exists in not just one section of the home but in the entire home. To avoid this, divide the task of decluttering into different sections. You could work on a different room each week to stretch out the work or even work on a smaller section such as a different drawer or shelf.

This will not only ensure that you aren’t burnt out by the process of decluttering but will likely make you more thorough as well.

2. Donate and Dispose: Decluttering does not only help in freeing up space in your home but also allows you to re-assess the items in your home and what their purpose is. A lot of the items that make up clutter are things we have bought but never used or things that are no longer in use but have not been removed.

When you begin decluttering, select two or more boxes labeled ‘donate’ and ‘dispose’. As you sort through items, decide on which ones are to be donated to goodwill and which must be disposed of. You may also designate boxes for items that could be given away.

Certain items, however, could be re-purposed and used within the home and these should be kept separately. You may also have items that could be stored outside the home at self storage unit in Brooklyn (or wherever you may be located). These could be seasonal items or items that you are not quite ready to get rid of just yet. However, going through, organizing, and carefully storing them, can help considerably with the decluttering process. 

All occupants of the house should be informed of the ongoing activities so that they too may put items into the various boxes and also sort through in case there are any items they might need.

3. Create Organization Systems: It is counterproductive to spend a significant amount of time decluttering your home only to collect more clutter soon after.

Once items have been purged from your home, it is important to put systems in place to prevent clutter build-up. This includes things such as dresser organizers, specific drawers, shelves and places for specific items.

Custom cabinetry is one of the greatest home improvements you can invest in to help declutter your home. A good idea would be to create a ‘cap’ on item purchasing.

For example, after decluttering items in your wardrobe, you may decide that no new shoes will be purchased unless one existing pair is donated or thrown out. This ensures that the number of items in your home is kept at a manageable level and future clutter is prevented.

Decluttering one’s home does not need to be a herculean task as there are a number of steps to ensure that the process is done smoothly and effectively.