6 New Trends in Women’s Fashion to Watch Out For

6 New Trends in Women’s Fashion to Watch Out For

As spring approaches, new trends in women’s fashion are being ushered in for the new year. Many beautiful looks debuted on the runway of spring fashion shows, but a particular few caught our eye as trendy and cute for 2020.

1. Puffy sleeves

Adding a little flair to your sleeves is a simple way to achieve a chic and voluminous look. Puffy sleeves add drama to every look and can elevate your outfit no matter what, whether you’re going for sexy or casual.

2. Polka dots

Polka dots appeared on the runways of Dries Van Noten, Balmain, Wes Gordon, and more this year, which is no surprise because this timeless pattern can’t stay out of the limelight for long. Dots are classic because they are a versatile look that looks great in every season and allows those who like patterns but are put off by flashy looks to express themselves freely.

3. Denim skirts

Both mini and maxi denim skirts are back, which means you can wear this ’90s look all year round. Denim skirts, regardless of length, can complete any look, making this skirt versatile and often used. Longer skirts can be worn to work or other professional functions while the short denim can be worn on a date with a nice blouse.

4. Shoulder pads

’80s looks are also making a comeback in the form of shoulder pads. Shoulder pads make your shoulders the focal point of the outfit and you can use them as your creative outfit. Depending on the fit of the outfit, you can shape the shoulder pads to be sharp, square, or round.

5. Neon

The spring fashions shows in Paris, New York, and Milan introduced bright neon colors of all kinds into 2020. Neon shades of orange, pink, green, and yellow appeared on catwalks this spring and brought this blinding trend back into fashion.

The Kardashians also largely contributed to neon’s comeback this year. Kim Kardashian was photographed wearing a neon orange sweater with matching cargo pants and Kylie Jenner recently posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a neon green co-ord. Neon is not only for celebrities, however, so don’t shy away from the bright colors.

6. 3-piece suit

The suit is making a blazing comeback this spring, especially so in the form of the 3-piece woman’s suit. Suits are not strictly for men anymore and this was made clear on the catwalk this year. Tailored vests are also becoming a successful individual trend but pairing it with the 3-piece suit and a pair of trousers will give you a great professional look this year.

The new decade is beginning with some truly great trends for women’s fashion as shown in the spring fashion shows. Now is the perfect time to shop for your 2020 spring and summer wardrobe and feel just as confident as the models on the catwalk. Buy any of the above or all six and make a very interesting outfit the new trend!