The Best Sex Toys from Mega Pleasure 2021

The Best Sex Toys from Mega Pleasure 2021

Sex toys are incredible tools to incorporate into your sex life, whether it’s to use within your couple during sex and foreplay or to use alone for some solo fun. Toys are great ways to help elevate your sexual experiences or alleviate stress and sexual tension that’s been built up. They’re a health way to practice self-care and self-pleasure, and here we’ll talk you through the best sex toys from Mega Pleasure to experiment with.

Clit Vibrators

Most women find it difficult to orgasms from internal stimulation only. Most find it helpful to stimulate other areas of their body like the nipples, vulva and, most of all, the clitoris. With over 8000 nerve endings, the clitoris is the most direct route to orgasm. It’s the only part of the human body that is there solely for pleasure, so why would you neglect it? Clit vibrators are just as they sound, they are vibrators specially designed to stimulate the clitoris and help you reach the most intense orgasms of your life. You can choose from sucking sensations, pulsing sensations or vibrating sensations, whatever you need to help you reach the big O.

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators are another extremely popular women’s sex toy due to the simultaneous stimulation. Not only are they great for stimulating the all-important clitoris, but they also stimulate the inside of the vagina and the g-spot to give you that beautiful, blended orgasm. The toy came on the scene in the 1980’s and then became incredibly popular after making an appearance on the tv show Sex And The City. Since then, they’ve continued growing in popularity and you’ll struggle to find a sex toy collection without one! 

Vibrating Cock Rings

If you’re looking for a beginner sex toy for your relationship, a vibrating cock ring is a great place to start! They’re non-intimidating and provide pleasure to both the wearer and the receiver. A vibrating cock ring sits at the base of the penis and sends out vibrations, pulses or throbs that stimulate the penis and also the clitoris of the partner. You can find different styles and functions of vibrating cock rings where some have detachable bullet vibes, some include a rabbit head and some are wonderfully textured for intense sensations. 


Fleshlights are the number one best-selling male sex toy. They are specially designed to provide sensations that are just like penetrating a real person. They come in a range of different styles for whatever gets you going. You can choose from vaginal openings, anal openings or oral openings that are modelled after famous adult stars. They’re perfect for living out a fantasy you’ve always dreamed of! They include textured insults full of ridges, bumps and nubs to give you incredible sensations that mimic a real vagina, anus or mouth. They’re made from realistic skin silicone to give you that soft, supple feel of real skin. When used with plenty of lube, it feels just like (if not better than) the real thing!