How to Look and Feel Your Best

How to Look and Feel Your Best

Modern life is busy and confusing, and with so much to think about and lots of responsibilities to stay on top of, it is easy to let self-care slip to the bottom of the list. From dry skin and puffy eyes to more serious health conditions, ignoring your emotional and physical needs will only become more dangerous with age. Luckily, self-care does not have to take up a lot of time or cost a lot of money, and even the smallest change can make you feel amazing. Here are some simple tips to help you look and feel your best. 

Drink plenty of water

It’s a well-known piece of medical advice, but many people still struggle to drink enough water to stay healthy. Our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water, and when we are dehydrated our body and mind struggle to function in just about every way. If you are not drinking enough, you will find it more difficult to think and move, and your organs will not perform to their full capacity. 

Choose and apply make-up carefully

The key make-up items that all busy women need are concealer, powder, blush, and mascara. Concealer will help to cover dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, spots, puffy skin, and redness. Powder will take the shine from facial skin and will keep concealer in place for longer. Mascara will open the eyes, making you look much more energized and younger, and the right shade of blush on the top of the cheekbones will add a healthy glow to the face. 

Visit a beauty clinic

Sometimes, only the professional touch will do. From laser hair removal, to skin rejuvenation or tightening, to Botox and micro needling, a top beauty spa such as Dermani Medspa will offer a wide range of treatments designed to make you look and feel your best through safe and effective procedures. 

Enjoy a massage

If you are struggling with aches and pains or tightness in your body, it will be causing you discomfort and making even the smallest of tasks more difficult. A professional massage can ease the tension in your body while simultaneously reducing anxiety and stress, therefore leaving you in a much more positive space both physically and mentally. 

Sleep more

Very few people manage to get enough sleep each night for their body and mind to adequately recover. Over time, this leads to physical and mental health issues, making us more susceptible to stress and will also weaken our immune system. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep each night, and if you can’t manage that, try to find time for a 10–20-minute power nap during the day to recharge your battery. 

Exercise regularly

When you are down or physically drained you won’t particularly feel like exercising, but it is often the best tonic. Just a short brisk walk or jog can trigger the release of endorphins, which bring a feeling of calm and positivity. Find a form of exercise that you enjoy and make time for it three or four times per week.