Hot Engagement Ring Trends For Your Upcoming Spring/Summer

Hot Engagement Ring Trends For Your Upcoming Spring/Summer

Despite the passage of time, engagement rings are still popular in the U.S, with most Americans spending between $3,005 and $10,109 on a ring their fiance will love. Although rings are meant to last a lifetime, there is no doubt that engagement rings – like all jewelry pieces and accessories – do follow trends in everything from stone color to cut and design. Classics will always remain, but fervent fashionistas may prefer something that really captures the zeitgeist of the time at which they got engaged. These are just a few trends to watch out for when you embark on your next shopping trip.

Oval Diamonds

Celebrities like Blake Lively, Hailey Bieber and Julianne Hough have all embraced one of the biggest trends in jewelry: oval rings. Julianne Hough’s six-carat Lorraine Schwartz design, given to her by NHL sensation Brooks Laich, bears an ideal setting for such a stately cut. The diamond is given prime position, with four prongs holding it in place and a pave band adding a touch of dazzle to an otherwise elegant vintage style. See our favorite engagement rings here.

Colored Gemstones

Colored gemstones are not only attention-catching and playful, but they are also a great opportunity for those after a larger rock to be able to afford one. A stunning aquamarine, for instance, can costs in the region of $250 per carat. That is way below diamonds, which will set you back between $1,900 and $16,000. The truth is that grooms sometimes struggle to save enough money for engagement rings. Smart buyers stick to their budget, don’t go overboard, and are careful if they have to finance the ring. It is important to remember that new couples often have expenses such as a new house, so thinking of the larger picture is key. This season, some of the hottest colors seen on catwalks include classic blue, ultramarine green, and rose tan. The gems corresponding to these are sapphires, emeralds, pink diamonds and pink sapphires.

Halo Rings

It is lovely to see this vintage classic coming back once again. The beauty of the halo design is that it enables your central diamond to look better, thanks to the outer circle of brilliant-cut diamonds. Halos look great either on a plain or diamond band, so factors such as your budget and your fiance’s tastes should factor strongly in your choice of band.

Stackable Rings

Stacked rings have been a strong trend for the past few years, owing in no small part to their fashionable, youthful vibe. Everyone from the Kardashians to Emma Stone and Portia de Rossi are fond of this trend, which allows users to go ultra-minimalist (wear just one band) or ultra glam (stack all your bling up together). Ryan Reynolds shows how well this trend works; he appeared on the Conan show, shortly after his wedding to Blake Lively, sporting a thin band with a wider band (about three times the width of the former) stacked just above it. The effect was stylish, glamorous and elegant. It helped that he paired it with a suit and black tie.

Engagement rings these days are as diverse as fashion is. From colored rings to vintage cut rocks, rings are enabling brides and grooms to express themselves more eloquently than before. The plethora of options (including colored gems and stacked rings) also makes building a collection more affordable. You certainly don’t have to ‘have it all’ now but a little bling in your life is always a good way to start.