Bernshtam – The Perfect Way to Start Each Day

Bernshtam – The Perfect Way to Start Each Day

When Eugene Bernshtam and I started our online business together we would work from morning until night to ensure that it got off the ground and that we were doing everything possible in order to make it work. Something that regularly bugged me was how fresh and energetic Eugene was every morning, always up for the task and always with a smile on his face. This was particularly annoying for me given that I was most certainly not a happy camper at 9am, I always put this down to me not being a morning person. After a couple of weeks however, Eugene shared with me his morning ritual, and I have been following it ever since. If you want to start the day of right, give this routine a try.

Up At Dawn

The day starts at 530 or 6 if you’d like a lie-in, now you may be sitting there thinking ‘no chance,’ but this is a serious game changer and it gets very easy after just a week or so of getting up at this time. As Eugene says, an hour before 8 is worth two after, so make sure that you get up nice and early so you can start your day.


As soon as you get up you are going to spend the first 5 minutes doing some stretches to get your body ready for the day. Eugene said that it was his dog which inspired him to do this and he is absolutely right, dogs will always have a good stretch when they get up from a long lay down, and we should too.


Meditation was always something which I wanted to try but I never found time in the day to do it, a 530 get-up ensures that I most certainly do have those vital 15 minutes to get my headspace right. Sit down, close your eyes and take some deep breaths in and out, relax the mind and focus on the body, you’ll feel incredibly afterwards.


Next up is a healthy breakfast of fruit and granola, occasionally perhaps some avocado on bread, have this with a glass of water and follow up with a coffee to really give you that boost ahead of the day. Once breakfast is over I’ll make a list of what I have to do for the day and check in with the news for 10 minutes.


I like to do cardio in the morning and resistance at night, so between 615 and 645 I’ll have a run, get a shower and then look to leave home at around 730. This run gets me really psyched up for the day and ensures that I am feeling loose and flexible, with no stress.

This is a routine which I swear by and I am sure that after a few weeks of doing it, you’ll feel great every single day, no matter what the weather is doing!