How To Use eBay To Find Fashion Deals

How To Use eBay To Find Fashion Deals

eBay is a safe and user-friendly platform to buy and sell, unlike some online shopping sites with no built-in security.  eBay was launched in 1995 as an online marketplace to trade collectables and hard-to-find items. Today eBay is a global marketplace where businesses and individuals can buy and sell practically anything. There is something for everyone at every budget at eBay. Whether you are looking for the best fashion deals or the latest android phone, furniture or supplements, you’re sure to find it at eBay.  Millions of items are sold on eBay every day and their community and Trust and Safety teams work together to provide a great way to complete your purchase or sale. Things hardly go awry but when it does, eBay’s team is there to help.

eBay is just about the best online marketplace for any fashionista. There are thousands of fashion pieces listed on eBay from all around the world. Some are new, some are pre-loved and all of them are waiting to be snapped up by savvy online shoppers. For first time eBay users and fashion hunters, we’ve rounded up some eBay hacks that will help you find your dream closet for a fraction of the cost.

1.  Bargain with the seller

Don’t be afraid to message the seller and ask them for a better price. You’d be surprised by how many sellers are willing to take their items down and sell them out of the auction format.

2.  Search for features and brands not product type

Try searching features and brands to yield more results than if you search for a product type. For example, when looking for a pink tote bag, you should only search for the word “pink” and then select “women’s tote bag” category. Shoppers who are not savvy will list tote bag as handbag, shoulder bag, bag, etc.  The keyword “tote bag” in your search removes all the other listings from your results.

3.  Follow and save your favourite searches

If you are looking for a specific item, search for it on eBay and then select the “follow this search” option. eBay will then send you a notification each time a product listing falling within your search terms is listed and you don’t have to constantly monitor eBay for newly listed items.

4.  Always contact the seller with purchase issues

Sellers rely on positive feedback to continue attracting buyers. If you aren’t satisfied with your item, contact them. Most of them are happy for you to return the item for a refund.

After you’ve won an auction bid on eBay, the next step is to arrange for the item to be shipped to you. One of the options is to use Shiply to ship bargain items to you. All you have to do is enter your eBay item ID on Shiply for competitive quotes and the quotes will be emailed to you.  You compare the prices and read previous customer feedback to pick the best quote for you. Many eBayers use Shiply as this platform has an eBay compatible application and the shipping companies are rated.

When you buy fashion items or just about any item on eBay, you will be protected by the buyer protection coverage, get access to seller’s contact information, and eBay and Paypal as third-party watchdogs to step in if problems arise. Fashion hunters can be rest assured to buy safely on eBay.