In-Demand Healthcare Jobs for Long-term Career Stability

In-Demand Healthcare Jobs for Long-term Career Stability

The healthcare industry has lots of projected growth, making it a safe area to train in for a stable job. With the high salaries, respect from peers, and the fact you would make a difference in people’s lives, a healthcare career is an extremely rewarding one. If you’re interested in science and the human body, several job options will suit your interests. Here are eight of the most in-demand healthcare careers for long-term job security. 

Dental Hygienist

Projected growth over the next 10 years (according to BLS): 6%

A Dental Hygienist is a career that is expected to have a higher than average growth over the next decade. With this kind of increase, there will be many jobs up for grabs for those who are qualified. The qualifications to become a dental hygienist include completing an associate’s degree, which takes around three years. Upon completion, you are qualified for a career with an average salary of over £75k per year. Generally, dental hygienists work alongside dentists to provide dental care, education, and examine patients.

With the aging population, more and more people have dental issues, which is one of the greatest factors behind its predicted growth. If you plan on committing to this career, you won’t be short on patients!

Nurse Anesthetist 

Projected growth over the next 10 years: 45%

To become a nurse anesthetist, you must first acquire a master’s degree. However, this education is worth it as it’s a career that is projected to have extensive growth over the next 10 years. Nurse anesthetists administer anesthesia to patients who are undergoing treatments that would otherwise cause them pain. There are plenty of reasons for a patient to need this treatment, which makes it a career that has a variety of settings. 

The increase is mainly due to the increase in demand for preventative care, alongside a larger aging population, meaning more treatments will be administered over the years. 

Radiation Therapist

Projected growth over the next 10 years: 7%

Radiation therapists have a specific role in the treatment of cancer. They operate machinery to eliminate and reduce tumors, which is an important part of cancer treatment. Unfortunately, there is yet to be a cure for cancer, and with it affecting older people the most, there will be an increasing need for radiation therapists over the years. 

Registered Nurse

Projected growth over the next 10 years: 7%

Registered nurses have a variety of tasks that they must complete each day, including tending to patients, educating patients, and completing paperwork. Over the next few years, nurses will be expected to know a wider range of medical knowledge due to the increase of complex illnesses and the number of patients.

There are a couple of ways to become a registered nurse. They include completing a nursing-related degree, or, if you already have a bachelor’s in an unrelated subject, you can find online BSN programs for non nurses. With the increased need for nurses, it is a career path you can take knowing there’s the likelihood of a stable career upon completion of education. 


Projected growth over the next 10 years: 8%

The role of a dietician is to educate and advise patients on living a healthy lifestyle, particularly concerning the foods they consume. It takes a bachelor’s to become one, alongside specific training.

Over the years, there are more discoveries about how food affects the human body concerning illness, and this area needs extra minds for both researching and advising patients. With the increase in obesity within the population, there is an ever-growing need for dieticians.


Projected growth over the next 10 years: 16%

Veterinarians tend to work in vet clinics, tending to animals who have suffered wound injuries, administering vaccinations and medications, and educating owners on the best way to look after their pets. To become a vet, you must have a doctoral or professional degree. As a vet, there are also times when you would travel to different animal locations such as zoos and farms, and sometimes even people’s homes.

The increasing demand for veterinarians is due to the increasing population, which has a knock-on effect on the pet industry. More and more breeders result in plenty of pets and abandoned animals who require medical treatments. This makes training to become a veterinarian, a wise career plan with a great job outlook, so you could help save animals while enjoying a lengthy and stable career. 

Home Health Aide 

Projected growth over the next 10 years: 34%

The demand for home health aides is expected to increase dramatically over the next decade. The day-to-day tasks of a home health aide include traveling to patient’s houses, tending to their overall health, and administering any medication they may need. Much of the time, home health aides have regular patients they see.

Home health aides are for patients who suffer from chronic illnesses and disabilities that affect their ability to function without help. With the aging population, more elderly people will require this home care, which explains the expected growth rise over the next decade. 

Nurse Practitioner 

Projected growth over the next 10 years: 52%

The projected growth for nurse practitioners over the next 10 years is one of the highest within the healthcare industry. Nurse practitioners have more responsibility than registered nurses, as they can diagnose and prescribe patients on top of administering treatments and medications.

Many nurse practitioners begin as registered nurses, but some pick up their training along the way with the set goal of being a nurse practitioner at the end. Due to the increasing demand, many nurses will work their way up the ladder and train to become nurse practitioners.

The healthcare industry is always growing, and with such an increase in the elderly population, the careers within it will only increase in demand. If you are interested in starting a healthcare career, consider one which has projected growth for increased job stability and the chance for a long career.